Why do teachers recommend The Graide Network?

The three most popular reasons were the time savings, the quality of the feedback for their students, and the ability to provide unbiased feedback. Teachers also raved about the increased ability to prioritize lesson planning, great customer service, and feedback from an outside adult being exciting for their students.

  • “With faster feedback and the data, I could better differentiate tasks for students.”
  • “Combining the freed time and returned data, I could target struggling students knowing that all students got quality feedback.”
  • “Allows me to spend more time tweaking lessons based on the quick feedback provided by each Graider.”
  • “Having a ‘Graider’ validate my comments and increase the amount of work evaluated gave me time to focus on my students with weaker skills.”
“The Graide Network freed me from taking time to grade to work on lesson planning and utilizing feedback better.”