Applications have closed. The 2017-18 Fellowship cohort will be announced on July 10.

Please stay tuned more opportunities for EDLs this summer!

The Graide Network Fellowship

A Unique Professional Development Experience for 2018 Early Admit Corps Members

Application Deadline: June 23, 2017


Are you interested in experiential learning opportunities to strengthen
your professional skills and get a jumpstart into teaching?

Are you ready to start earning an income while having an immediate impact on teachers and students nationwide through high-quality feedback and grading support?

Would you like to get to know and be inspired and supported by a close-knit cohort of corps members across placements and career interests?


Join our Second Class of Fellows

To apply, use the questions below to prepare your responses and then complete the online application here no later than June 23, 2017.

Here’s what last year’s cohort had to share about their experience:      

“This experience has taught me what kinds of feedback are most helpful to students. Thanks to this program I feel that in the future I will be able to provide accurate and strategic feedback to my students.” - Nicole R., GNO

“Being able to effectively read a rubric and prompt and apply those ideas into grading is a huge skill that I have improved upon. I love providing my ideas on the student work as it’s very helpful for teachers and students to have an outside opinion.”  - Shauna W., NYC

“I was searching forever for flexible, remote work opportunities that would also help develop my teaching skills and boost my resume. I was so excited when I found The Graide Network. It’s exactly what I was looking for and the perfect part-time job.”  - Jacob D.

...And here’s what students and teachers have to say:  

“Without the Graider, my writing would not be at the point that it is at now. They provide detailed feedback that is useful, and they also gave me another perspective on my writing.” - Kiana R., Class of 2017

"In a classroom where urgency to build college-ready skills is as high as ours, The Graide Network has proven to be invaluable. This increase in feedback has allowed me to hone in on specific issues within student writing and correct them with expediency." - Mr. Adams, US History teacher

“The individual letters of feedback lead to silence in the room while students entered into a moment of introspection while reading the specific and actionable feedback from the Graider.” - Mr. Damaso, English teacher


How it Works


Purpose and Key Elements of the Program

Fellows will have the opportunity to engage in valuable professional development, receive ongoing mentorship and coaching, and take advantage of highly relevant and diverse paid part-time work opportunities. To learn more, sign up for a 30-minute discovery webinar.

Ideal candidates are corps members who:

  • Are excited about building their professional skills around feedback and assessment and enjoy directing their own learning;

  • Are adaptive and flexible, understanding that while the programming has been developed from best practices, there will be some development and learning as we go;

  • Are committed to helping TFA and The Graide Network grow and strengthen their partnership by sharing insights and perspectives on the fellowship;

  • Are committed and able to fully engage in the fellowship program given the time requirements detailed below.

Fellowship Requirements and Timeline

We are looking for 20 2018 early admit corps members to create our second cohort of Fellows.  You can read about the timeline of the fellowship program here.


Next Steps

  1. Complete the online application here no later than June 23, 2017. Below is the list of the questions you’ll be prompted to answer so you can prepare your responses before taking the survey.

  2. Please email Jessica Shyu ( or Liz Nell ( if you have questions about participating.

After completing your application you will be notified of your acceptance by the end of June and have 1 week to accept. Activities for accepted Fellows will begin July 1.

Please respond to the following questions with a brief paragraph in the application.

  1. What is your understanding of the role of feedback in the classroom? How do you believe feedback drives student learning and achievement?
  2. Please share a time when feedback from a teacher made an impact on you. What about the feedback was most meaningful?
  3. What strengths and skills are you bringing to this fellowship?
  4. What grade level and/or content area are you hoping to be placed in next year? (Note: We recognize that most folks will find out their content placements in the fall. Please update us as you find out more from your regions.)
  5. What do you hope to gain from this fellowship?