It’s time to reimagine the role of feedback in your classroom.


Teachers across the country use The Graide Network to increase the amount and speed of feedback to their students.


Objective Assessment

Ever thought, “Oh, I know what my student meant to say here,” and awarded points they didn’t quite earn? Graiders provide an objective perspective, lending opportunities for genuine discussion and goal-setting.


Timely, Meaningful Data

Our reports help you immediately know what your students know, and what they don’t. Graiders score and give feedback based on your rubric. We also offer Common-Core aligned rubrics.


More Time for Teaching

Save up to 88% of hours spent grading per assignment. That’s more time for lesson planning, differentiating instruction, conferencing, and being at your absolute best for your students.


Detailed, specific feedback for each of your students.

We support student writing across the curriculum - from English Language Arts to science, social studies, and math.


Here are some ways teachers are using The Graide Network


Test prep

High school history teacher Meghan used The Graide Network to build students’ stamina for timed writing and prep students for the AP US History exam.


Writing in the sciences

Middle school science teacher Craig Hanson used The Graide Network to improve students' technical writing skills.


Research Paper Drafts

High school English teacher John Damaso used The Graide Network to give his students feedback at the draft stage of their Sophomore Research Project, sparking revision.


Data for Instruction

Middle school English teachers used The Graide Network to quickly see how students performed across various skills, organize students in small groups, and create targeted, personalized lesson plans.

Can I scan and upload handwritten student work? (Yes.) Do I always work with the same Graider? (Not usually.) Can I communicate with my Graider? (Absolutely!)


Ready to get started?

The next step is to meet with the relevant instructional leader at your school.

We’re here to help you have an informed and productive conversation with your principal, director of instruction, or department chair about The Graide Network and why this is a valuable tool for you and other teachers at your school.

This is a conversation worth having with your school administration. Feedback for your students is too important to delay.


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