It’s time to reimagine the role of feedback at your school.


Teachers across the country use The Graide Network to increase the amount and speed of feedback to their students.


Objective Assessment

Ever thought, “Oh, I know what my student meant to say here,” and awarded points they didn’t quite earn? Or felt frustrated when your repeated feedback was ignored? Graiders provide an objective perspective, lending opportunities for genuine discussion and goal-setting and helping to spark student engagement and trust.


Timely, Meaningful Data

Rather than feeling disintermediated, our reports help you better assess performance and growth over time. You’ll immediately see what your students know, what they don’t, and what you need to do next. Graiders score and give feedback based on your rubric so expectations are aligned with learning goals and objectives.


More Time for Teaching

Get students writing more without drowning in grading - more drafts, more revision, and more formative assessment. We’ll help you save up to 88% of time spent grading per assignment. That’s more time for lesson planning, differentiating instruction, conferencing, and being at your absolute best for your students.

My Graider provided insightful comments and extremely helpful feedback for students. Very highly recommended!
— Ms. Joanna Stein, Composition

Detailed, specific feedback for each of your students.

We support student writing across the curriculum - from English Language Arts to science, social studies, and math.


Classwide summary reports, performance trends, and insights for you!


We’ve made the process easy to build into regular workflow


Here are some ways teachers are using The Graide Network


Formative Assessment

With the help of The Graide Network, savvy teachers in Phoenix, AZ, are creating more effective feedback loops to boost writing and revision in English and humanities classrooms.


Data-Driven Instruction

Middle school teacher Frank Kadri uses Graide Network reports to quickly see how students are performing across various skills and create targeted, personalized lesson plans based on student needs.


Test Prep

With fast, affordable and high-quality grading support, a leading charter network in Chicago, IL, is fostering data-driven instruction and teacher collaboration to better prepare students for end of course assessments.


Writing in the Sciences

Middle school science teacher Craig Hanson used The Graide Network to improve students' technical writing skills and promote literacy across content areas.

Can I scan and upload handwritten student work? (Yes.) Do I always work with the same Graider? (Not usually.) Can I communicate with my Graider? (Absolutely!)


Ready to get started?

The next step is to meet with the relevant instructional leader at your school.

We’re here to help you have an informed and productive conversation with your principal, director of instruction, or department chair about The Graide Network and why this is a valuable tool for you and other teachers at your school.

This is a conversation worth having with your school administration. Feedback for your students is too important to delay.


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