Teacher Policies


100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This is our promise to you.

Our commitment is to provide the best possible support for teachers. We actively work with Graiders to ensure that their work product is of high quality. If you are not satisfied with your Graider’s work for any reason, you can choose to request a revision (read more below) or find a replacement Graider at no additional cost. This is our “Great Graider Guarantee” and promise to you and your students.

Revision Requests

Revisions must be requested within 7 days of the assignment’s due date. Upon requesting a revision, please provide detailed revision instructions for the Graider. We want to ensure that you are 100% happy with your grading and feedback, so please be sure to include clear and thorough revision instructions.

Rating and Reviewing your Graider 

Please rate and review your Graider as soon as possible or within 1 week of the assignment deadline. Giving your Graider feedback on their feedback will ultimately benefit your students and result in better feedback for them in the future. Please try to make your reviews as descriptive and actionable as possible. Graiders deeply appreciate insight and guidance from veteran teachers, and The Graide Network team uses your reviews to ensure quality and consistency.

Late Student Work

We know it happens! When student work is turned in after the assignment start date, please use the in-platform messaging system to communicate with your Graider(s). Be sure to reach out before the assignment deadline and let your Graider know approximately how many assignments will be late and when you'll be sharing them. This will help ensure that your Graider is prepared and available for grading any anticipated late work.

Failure to communicate in advance means that late student work may not be graded. Once late work is submitted, please e-mail the assignments to hello@thegraidenetwork.com. Our Member Success team will share the assignments with your Graider.


Graiders will alert you to cases of suspected plagiarism via the in-platform messaging system. Graiders will provide grades and feedback for students suspected of plagiarism to the extent appropriate. In cases of heavily plagiarism, the student will not be scored or given feedback. You are responsible for reviewing the student work in question and acting in accordance with your school’s plagiarism policies.

Incomplete Work

Graiders will alert you when they come across an assignment that is incomplete via the in-platform messaging system. Graiders will provide grades and feedback on incomplete work to the extent appropriate. If the student work is largely incomplete, the student will not be scored or given feedback. You are responsible for reviewing the incomplete student work and acting it according to your classroom’s policy.

Messaging your Graider

Be sure to message your Graider If you change important assignment information like dates, rubrics, prompts, or instructions. Keep an eye on your inbox as Graiders might reach our with questions or concerns.

Parent Communication

We highly encourage you to share this feedback model with your students and parents. It’s a unique opportunity to augment feedback from their teacher who knows them well with a diverse perspective. To share more about The Graide Network, you can download our customizable parent letter & FAQ (also available in Spanish).

Feedback in Spanish (English Language Learners)

Some teachers have indicated that their ELL students would benefit from receiving feedback in their first language. We are able to provide feedback in Spanish. To utilize this option, create a separate course for your ELL group and indicate in the assignment instructions that the feedback should be provided in Spanish. We will match the assignment with a Graider who is fluent in Spanish to provide the feedback your students need. If you would like feedback in other languages, please contact us!

Student Privacy

We appreciate the sensitivity of student data issues for schools, parents/guardians, and students. Please refer to our Student Privacy Pledge to learn more about our robust, three-pronged approach to student privacy.


Other questions or concerns? Don't hesitate to reach out to hello@thegraidenetwork.com.