Frequently Asked Questions

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Graiders 101

Who are these Graiders anyway?

Graiders are graduate and undergraduate students from leading colleges and universities across the country. Through a rigorous and heavily performance-based application and onboarding process, Graiders hone and demonstrate their expertise in reading, scoring, and responding to student work. Fun fact: over 50% of our Graiders are pre-service teachers. ❤️

Why are Graiders so important?

Graiders are trained and normed to provide effective feedback and reliable scoring. Their support unlocks the tremendous power of feedback to engage students, improve learning outcomes, and put data at educators’ fingertips like never before.

How does third-party feedback impact student learning?

Through The Graide Network, teachers are able to meaningfully drive student engagement by introducing an authentic, external voice into the writing and revision process. Knowing that a second set of eyes will be reviewing their work, students take assignments more seriously and produce higher quality work. Third-party feedback has been shown to increase student trust and acceptance of feedback, fostering meaningful dialogue and collaboration in the classroom. Students (and their parents) appreciate feedback from someone who is not biased, positively or negatively, by their academic reputation, augmenting feedback from their teacher who knows them well with a diverse perspective. Teachers appreciate the opportunity to be aligned with their students to interpret and learn from feedback. Added bonus: writing for a Graider is great practice for state testing, AP exams, and college essays and entrance exams.

Do Graiders work for The Graide Network?

No, they do not. Graiders are independent teaching assistants. The Graide Network provides the platform for teachers and Graiders to connect. We thoroughly vet and coach all Graiders before accepting them to the network to ensure they are qualified and reliable.


How does it work?

Won't I become too removed from the grading and feedback process? Isn't this my job?

This is a very valid concern and the #1 question we hear from potential new school partners. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind when considering The Graide Network. First, we provide SUPPLEMENTAL support to schools. We do not replace the role of a teacher and we certainly don't serve as a tool to outsource all of your grading. Reading, scoring, and providing feedback to your students is an important muscle that every teacher should exercise throughout the year. As a supplemental resource, we allow teachers and schools to meaningfully increase the amount of writing, revision, and high-quality feedback happening in the classroom, allowing teachers to do more, not less, for their students. Secondly, our Partner Success team will work closely with you and your school to ensure that all teachers are effectively using Graide Network reports to guide data analysis, lesson planning, instruction, and 1:1 student support. In the words of one of our teachers, "The Graide Network is not a crutch to lean on - it's a platform to build from."

What kind of assignments are relevant for The Graide Network?

Graiders can assist with any type of assignment, but they most often help with assignments with a writing component, which are time-intensive to evaluate and require human-powered feedback. Our most common assignments are essays, FRQs, and open-ended and extended response assessment questions.

What if my assignments aren’t digital?

Assignments that are already in digital form (e.g., Google Docs or Microsoft Word) are easiest to upload to our site, but teachers can also scan and upload hand-written assignments. Teachers who do this still realize significant time savings.

Is there any in-person interaction?

No, all work and communication happens through our web application. We offer a secure, easy-to-use internal messaging system to keep the lines of communication open. In order to ensure quality work product and protect teachers, students, and Graiders, we do not allow teachers and Graiders to exchange personal contact information. There is no in-person interaction, and all communication occurs through the website.

How fast is the turnaround time?

Fast! Our typical turnaround time is 3-6 days. And better yet, our Graiders works nights, weekends, and holidays, too.

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Trust and Quality

How do I know that Graiders are qualified?

The Graide Network is exclusive to top-performing undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in colleges and universities across the US. Graiders are vetted and approved by The Graide Network through a rigorous and performance-based application process (sub 20% acceptance rate), including a writing sample, series of mock assignments, and 1:1 coaching. We evaluate relevant experience and coursework, academic performance, professionalism, and passion for education. Most importantly, we evaluate grading and feedback skills to gauge mastery. But we don’t stop there. After Graiders are admitted into our Network, we continue to measure quality and consistency, evaluating performance on every assignment.

How does my Graider know how I would like the assignment to be graded?

For every assignment, you will provide a rubric and prompt (required) as well as supporting documents and exemplars (optional). You can also provide additional instructions and guidelines to Graiders for each assignment as well easily communicate with your Graider regarding any questions or clarifications through our online messaging system. A high quality rubric is critical to ensuring high quality feedback. The Graide Network's rubric policy can be found here.

What exactly am I getting back from my Graider?

Teachers receive detailed grading and feedback reports broken down into three sections: a) Class Summary Report, b) Individual Student Report, and c) Inline Comments. Teachers leverage our detailed reports to more effectively differentiate instruction, personalize learning, and guide decision making. This data-driven, student-centered approach is the most effective way to engage and support every child. Learn more about our data and feedback reports and see samples here.

How does The Graide Network protect the privacy of my students’ information?

We appreciate the sensitivity of student data issues for schools, parents/guardians, and students. We require Graiders to sign a confidentiality agreement that they may not re-disclose information shared with them with any third party or use the information shared for any purpose other than the agreed-upon work with the teacher who provided the information. We require teachers to obtain the proper approvals from an authorized school administrator before working with a Graider. Lastly, we as a company collect as little data as possible about students and will not use that data to advertise or market to students or their parents. View our Student Privacy Pledge here.

What happens if I am not satisfied with a Graider’s work?

Our commitment is to provide the best possible support for teachers. We actively work with Graiders to ensure that their work product is of high quality. If you are not satisfied with your Graider’s work, you can choose to request a revision from that Graider or find a replacement Graider at no additional cost. This is our “Great Graider” guarantee and promise to you and your students.