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Teacher Ambassador - Program Overview

As a great Graide Network teacher, you’ve learned a lot. Our Teacher Ambassador Program gives you the opportunity to bring your knowledge and skills outside of the classroom. Join our community of innovative educators and leaders influencing the world of teaching and learning with educational technology.

Program Perks

As a Graide Network Ambassador, you have the chance to support an organization you love, leverage your own experience to help other teachers and students across the country, and continue to grow your professional skills and network. Here are just a few reasons to get involved:



Through blog posts, social media, and other online forums, you’ll have the chance to share ideas, best practices, and lessons learned with fellow teachers on how to use The Graide Network most effectively in the classroom. Thousands of teachers and students will benefit from your expertise!



We’ll sponsor you to attend local conferences, meet-ups, webinars, and other exciting educator events. You’ll have the chance to engage with and learn from other teachers in the field and join (or lead!) the conversation on topics that are most important to you. 

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As a trusted advisor, you’ll help shape the vision and future of The Graide Network. You’ll have a platform to share feedback and suggestions for our team, both big and small, and take part in focus groups, interviews, and special projects. You’ll also be first in line for beta testing, upgrades, and new features.



We’ll send you one-of-a-kind Teacher Ambassador gear like t-shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, and pencils so you can show your support at school and home!

Chins (including the veteran leader’s) hit the floor when I told them about The Graide Network! None had heard of it before. I was happy I could share this resource with fellow teachers across the region.
— Ms. Rabyy, English Dept Chair & Graide Network advocate

Share Your Expertise

As an Ambassador, you’ll help spread the word about The Graide Network and the power of feedback to transform teaching and learning in the classroom. Hearing about our work from YOU - a teacher and user - is a whole lot more exciting than hearing about it from us.

Each quarter, we ask that you complete any 3 of the following 5 items:

Key Dates

  • Quarter 1: September 1 - November 30

  • Quarter 2: December 1 - February 28

  • Quarter 3: March 1 - May 31

  • Quarter 4: Jun 1 - August 31

Working with Our Team

Our Teacher Ambassador Program is run by Doug Tipsword. Doug is a former high school biology teacher who is passionate about education technology and saw the impact of The Graide Network in his very own classroom. Your key touchpoints with Doug will be:


Application Form (5 mins) Our 2019-20 Teacher Ambassador cohort is currently by invitation only. If you'd like to join us or simply learn more about the pgroam, please fill out this form.

Onboarding Call (15 mins)

Fall Check-In (15 mins)

Year-End Survey (15 mins)

Monthly Newsletter (5 mins) We'll send a newsletter each month with information on special projects and other fun ways to get involved including guest blog posts, conference proposals, and more!