Research Projects and Thesis Papers

Graiders who specialize in effective feedback on writing make for terrific "advisors", remotely coaching students through challenging research projects and thesis papers. Students receive meaningful feedback in a timely manner from their Graider throughout the development of their work. It's a unique way to bring an outside perspective and an authentic external reader to the student writing and research process. The personalized guidance and support of a Graider boosts motivation and follow-through (which is especially helpful at the end of a long project!). Plus, faculty advisors have more time to focus on in-person mentorship and student engagement, without feeling over-extended or overwhelmed by the amount of reading and feedback required. It's a win-win!

Success Story: High-quality feedback helped USC Hybrid High seniors tackle their challenging, year-long Senior Thesis Project, graduate with honors, and demonstrate their mastery of college-level research and writing skills. See the results!