It’s time to reimagine the role of feedback at your school.


Schools across the country use The Graide Network to increase the amount and speed of feedback to their students.


Improve Outcomes

Effective feedback has one of - if not the - leading impacts on student learning and achievement, equivalent to eight months of in-class time. It leads to lower failure rates, fewer suspensions, and better attendance.


Timely, Meaningful Data

It's nearly impossible to collect complete, normed, and timely data on formative assessments. Yet, analysis of this "small data" can meaningfully improve teaching and learning in a way that big data cannot.


Energize Your Teachers

Prevent burn-out by making teaching a more sustainable job. Give teachers up to 88% of their grading hours back per assignment to reinvest in high-impact activities that they love.


Detailed, specific feedback for each student.

We support student writing across the curriculum - from English Language Arts to science, social studies, and math.


Here are some ways schools are using The Graide Network


Test prep

Students achieved a record high pass rate of 92% on the AP English Language and Composition exam.


Mock writing exams

This Texas high school used The Graide Network to prepare students for the state writing assessment and measure learner growth and proficiency.


Research Paper Drafts

High school English teacher John Damaso used The Graide Network to give his students feedback at the draft stage of their Sophomore Research Project, sparking revision.


Data for Instruction

Middle school English teachers used The Graide Network to quickly see how students performed across various skills, organize students in small groups, and create targeted, personalized lesson plans.


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