It’s time to reimagine the role of feedback at your school.


Schools across the country use The Graide Network to increase the amount and speed of feedback to their students.


Improve Outcomes

Effective feedback has a leading impact on student learning and achievement, equivalent to eight months of additional in-class time per year - that’s 2x growth in one school year . Test scores and student engagement will soar.


Timely, Meaningful Data

Imagine what you could achieve if your teachers, coaches, and instructional leaders had complete, normed, and timely data on formative writing assessments. Granular, classroom-level data allows you to do more for every student and teacher.


Energize Your Teachers

Prevent burn-out by making teaching a more sustainable job. Give teachers up to 88% of their grading time back per assignment to reinvest in the high-impact activities that they love: teaching, engaging, and inspiring their students.


Detailed, specific feedback for each student.

We support student writing across the curriculum - from English Language Arts to science, social studies, and math.


Here are some ways schools are using The Graide Network


Data-Driven Instruction

Middle school teacher Frank Kadri uses Graide Network reports to quickly see how students are performing across various skills and create targeted, personalized lesson plans based on student needs.


Formative Assessment

With the help of The Graide Network, USC Hybrid High seniors are tackling their year-long Senior Thesis, graduating with honors, and demonstrating mastery of college-level research and writing skills.


Research Papers

High school English teacher John Damaso used The Graide Network to give his students feedback at the draft stage of their Sophomore Research Project, sparking revision and student motivation.


Test Prep

With fast, affordable and high-quality grading support, a leading charter network in Chicago, IL, is fostering data-driven instruction and teacher collaboration to better prepare students for end of course assessments.


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