Become a School Partner

Feedback is a powerful instructional tool for school leaders, teachers, and students. We are excited about the opportunity to help you achieve your goals for student writing growth, data-driven instruction, and increased teacher capacity and effectiveness. These are the foundations for building strong writers, engaged learners, and highly successful students and teachers.

Pricing is per enrollment seat and depends on the number of students and required level of support for each course.

Our support is flexible to meet your school's instructional goals, student needs, and budget. Here are a few ways we work with school partners:

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On-Demand Teacher Support

We provide high-quality scoring and feedback on a set number of essays or writing assignments per course.

  • Teachers are in the driver's seat - they choose the writing assignments, rubrics, and prompts best suited to their class
  • Feedback is fast - just 3 to 4 days for most assignments
  • Choose the level of support that's right for your students and teachers

Implement a school-wide rollout or provide targeted, high-impact support for select grade levels, courses, or student populations where it's needed most.

Starting at just $15 per student

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Interim Assessment Support

The same amazing scoring and feedback on pre-set interim assessments, writing benchmarks, and mock exams.

  • Scoring is fast, normed, and complete
  • Detailed feedback reports serve to engage and motivate students in the assessment process and improve test prep
  • Upshift teachers' time from grading to data analysis, instructional planning, and targeted student support

Our grading and feedback services transform interim assessments from a pain point to a powerful instructional tool and ensure every student response receives normed, detailed consideration.

Starting at just $3 per assessment


What’s Included in the Cost?

We pride ourselves on our world-class feedback, detailed data reports, unparalleled service, and commitment to student and teacher success.

For all school partners, we deliver:


Pilot Programs

We run a limited number of pilots each fall and spring. Pilots are a great way to evaluate the program and build readiness for a larger implementation. Book a demo to learn more!