Other Key Benefits

Yes, there's more: 

  • What is the fastest way to build better writers? Get students writing and revising more! The Graide Network allows teachers to increase student work product without drowning in grading.
  • Teachers feel empowered and supported, helping to combat teacher burnout and retention issues which are financially and academically costly to your school.
  • Objective, third-party feedback helps teachers avoid the pitfalls of “autopilot grading” (always assigning A’s to A students, B’s to B students, etc.), “triage grading” (focusing the majority of time on students with the greatest needs, at the expense of higher performers); and implicit biases that are a reality for every teacher.
  • Students gain experience writing and performing for objective third parties, which better prepares them for state and national exams, AP exams, college essays, SAT/ACTs, and to perform at the collegiate level and beyond.