A Letter from the President


Dear Clayton and DeKalb County AP teachers,

Welcome! We are honored and humbled by the opportunity to support you and your students on their path to success in the AP classroom and beyond.  

This school year, The Graide Network and NMSI are working together to offer you virtual grading and feedback support along with ongoing professional learning opportunities to help upshift your instructional practice and boost AP results. We are excited to embark on this journey together!

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “practice makes perfect”. While this old adage certainly rings true, it’s missing a key component: feedback. Practice alone is not the key to success. Rather, it’s a cycle of practice, followed by effective feedback, then more opportunities for practice to implement feedback, and so on. This ongoing feedback ‘loop’ is a critical driver of growth and success for learners of all ages, and it’s certainly true for our AP students.

When feedback is goal-oriented, prioritized, actionable, student-friendly, ongoing, consistent, and timely, it has the power to transform how we all learn. Decades of research has shown that formative assessment, consisting of lots of feedback and ample opportunities to use that feedback, enhances student performance, engagement, and achievement. In fact, effective feedback has been shown to dramatically accelerate student growth - equivalent to eight additional months of in-class time per year. 

And feedback is not just a powerful tool for students- it’s equally important for educators, too. Teachers can use feedback (qualitative data) along with scores (quantitative data) to inform and enhance lesson plans, differentiate instruction, set and measure progress towards learning goals, and guide decision-making in the classroom. By effectively using student performance data, teachers are better equipped to meet individual student needs. This data-driven, student-centered approach is the most effective way to engage and support every child.

We are excited to partner with you this year to make excellent feedback a reality in your classroom!

To a tremendous 2018-19 school year,

Blair Pircon
President and CEO
The Graide Network