Drive Student Engagement

When students receive bad feedback - or worse, no feedback at all - it is a huge source of disappointment. On the flip side, fast, high-quality feedback deeply engages and motivates students.

Through The Graide Network, teachers are able to meaningfully drive student engagement by introducing an authentic, external voice into the writing and revision process. Knowing that a second set of eyes will be reviewing their work, students take assignments more seriously and produce higher quality work. The accelerated turnaround time means students receive grades and feedback in days, not weeks - when the assignment is still top of mind and feedback can be implemented.

Plus, third-party feedback has been shown to increase student trust and acceptance of feedback, fostering meaningful dialogue and collaboration in the classroom. Students (and their parents) appreciate feedback from someone who is not biased, positively or negatively, by their academic reputation, augmenting feedback from their teacher who knows them well with a diverse perspective. Teachers appreciate the opportunity to be aligned with their students to interpret and learn from feedback.

“The individual letters of feedback lead to silence in the room while students entered into a moment of introspection while reading the specific and actionable feedback from the Graider.”
— John Damaso, Brophy Prep