Expanding Teacher Capacity

Teachers are highly-skilled, creative professionals. Their time is scarce and valuable. Every principal knows that good teachers make the single greatest impact on student achievement and school culture. The Graide Network exists to upshift teachers' time, so their impact can be even greater.

Research shows that quality and timely feedback is critical to student growth, but the sheer hours required are overwhelming. Graiders provide rich, thorough, and timely feedback on student work, speeding the learning cycle and the teacher’s ability to digest and understand student progress. By saving teachers up to 88% of their grading hours per assignment, teachers can invest more time in the highest-impact activities that only they can do, such as designing and delivering innovative lessons plans, meeting one-on-one with students, collaborating with colleagues and parents, and taking on leadership roles at the school.

Quite simply, Graiders give teachers the capacity and student performance data they need to be most effective.

“The Graide Network ensures all student work is given normed, detailed consideration, and it allows our teachers to focus on what they’re best at: improving student outcomes.”
— Luke Brewers, ReGeneration Schools