Purpose and Key Elements of the Program

Fellows will have the opportunity to engage in valuable professional development, receive ongoing mentorship and coaching, and take advantage of highly relevant and diverse paid part-time work opportunities. To learn more, sign up for a 30-minute discovery webinar.

Ideal candidates are corps members who:

  • Are excited about building their professional skills around feedback and assessment and enjoy directing their own learning;

  • Are adaptive and flexible, understanding that while the programming has been developed from best practices, there will be some development and learning as we go;

  • Are committed to helping TFA and The Graide Network grow and strengthen their partnership by sharing insights and perspectives on the fellowship;

  • Are committed and able to fully engage in the fellowship program given the time requirements detailed below.

Fellowship Requirements and Timeline

We are looking for 20 2018 early admit corps members to create our second cohort of Fellows.  You can read about the timeline of the fellowship program here.