Fast, effective feedback in 3 simple steps.

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Create your assignment

Log on to our web platform to quick and easily create an assignment. Use your own prompt and rubric or choose from our bank of 20+ standards-aligned rubrics.

Upload student work

Upload student work via Google Classroom or as a scanned PDF.
We take care of everything else to ensure your students receive the highest quality feedback!

Receive and share data reports!

Turnaround is fast! In just 3-4 days, we’ll deliver:

  • Class Summary Reports with high-level trends and insights on student performance plus a detailed data dashboard.

  • Individual Student Reports with scores plus in-depth,
    actionable feedback for every student.

  • All Data Report is a CSV with all of your data in one place. Great for grouping students by performance and copying scores to the grade book.

I am SO impressed with your consistent, thorough, and student-friendly feedback. I can’t wait to go over the reports with my students in class!
— Ms. Browne, Mansueto College Prep

World-Class Feedback, In-Depth Data


See how schools are leveraging Graide Network reports to drive results


Data-Driven Instruction

A diverse urban middle school teacher uses Graide Network reports to quickly see how students are performing across various skills, create targeted, personalized mini-lessons, and engage students in meaningful revision.

AP© Success

Clayton County Public Schools in metro Atlanta is aiming to redefine high academic expectations for all students. By leveraging The Graide Network to support their AP© for All initiative, test scores are on the rise - with pass rates up 16% in just 5 months!

Test Prep

With fast, affordable, and high-quality grading support, a leading charter network in Chicago is shifting their focus to teacher development, data analysis, and more effective test prep. It’s no surprise they’re outperforming 98% of peers.