How it works for district leaders

Support the skills and abilities of the future. The jobs of the future require today's kids to master critical thinking, effective communication, creativity, and problem-solving. The shift to robust tasks and assessments that promote these skills require feedback from general, not narrow, intelligence. 

Provide a rigorous education for all students. Teachers are equipped with both the capacity and student performance data they need to do what they're best at: improving learning outcomes. More effective teachers and frequent, high-quality feedback is a win for every learner. 

Elevate teachers. Teaching is the second most stressful occupation after ambulance car drivers. Give educators an immediate boost with efficient, qualified and no-hassle assistants. 

Make a culture of data possible. Shift teachers' time from grading to analysis, instructional planning and collaboration with colleagues. Support data-driven instruction and data-based decision making from the classroom-level to the district-level.