How it works for teachers

Easy-to-use. Designed by teachers, for teachers, we know your days (and nights) are jam-packed. Posting an assignment is quick and easy, and afterward, you receive a downloadable Excel report. 

Effective feedback for your students. Your report includes a page for each student with their grades and feedback, which can be printed and handed back to the class. You can also ask your Graider to make comments directly on the students' work.

Holistic feedback for you.  Reports also include class-wide observations from your Graider along with key performance metrics to quickly inform your lesson planning. In addition, a consolidated view of each student's scores and feedback makes it easy to review and edit.

Adapts to your needs. After each assignment, you rate your Graider and provide a brief review. Our system learns what you like; plus, you're helping build better teacher candidates in the process!


Feedback on your class as a whole