How it works for school leaders

Engage students in their learning. Ineffective feedback - or worse, no feedback at all - is a huge source of disappointment. On the flip side, fast, high-quality feedback deeply engages and motivates students.

Improve outcomes for students. Effective feedback has one of - if not the - leading impacts on student learning and achievement, equivalent to eight months of in-class time. It also leads to lower failure rates, fewer suspensions, and better attendance.

Hard-to-get data. It's nearly impossible for teachers to collect complete, normed, and timely data on formative assessments. Yet, analysis of this "small data" can meaningfully improve teaching and learning in a way that big data cannot.  

Attract & retain the best. Prevent burn-out by making teaching a more sustainable job. Give teachers up to 88% of their grading hours back per assignment to reinvest in high-impact activities that they love.