Fast, effective feedback from expert readers


We connect K-12 schools with qualified online teaching assistants to deliver:


Effective Feedback

  • More opportunities for writing and meaningful revision

  • Engage and motivate students with fast, actionable, and ongoing feedback


Accurate Scoring

  • Timely, detailed, objective data at the class and student level
  • Support in-depth data analysis and data-driven instruction

Supercharged Teachers

  • More time and energy for high-impact instructional work and 1:1 support
  • Detailed reports foster deep insights for teachers and school leaders
pieces of feedback delivered


of students want more feedback from The Graide Network


more time for data analysis, planning, and student support

Feedback is highly correlated to improved student achievement, and we can triangulate this with the results we’re seeing to know it works.
— Dr. Morcease Beasley, Clayton County Public Schools Superintendent
2x Growth

Students who receive fast, effective feedback on their writing achieve two years of growth per year.