Why wait to make a difference?

Become a Graider and help deliver high-impact feedback to the students who need it most. 


If you are an undergraduate or graduate student interested in education and you are:

  • Passionate about helping students learn
  • A strong writer with excellent communication skills
  • Highly dependable

We'd love to meet you! Read on to learn more about this unique, 100% remote work opportunity and the application process. 

Why Graiders Choose The Graide Network


Show principals robust, relevant and measurable experience with your target subject and grade level. 


Develop critical instructional skills, receive frequent feedback from teachers, and build your knowledge of curriculum, grade level expectations, and learning patterns. 


No more commuting or finding a carpool. Work from the comfort of your dorm or favorite coffee shop.


Application Process


Create Your Profile

The online application process starts with your relevant experience and coursework, academic performance, and passion for the teaching profession. (~10 mins)


Application Activity

Next, you will score and provide feedback on sample student essays. We evaluate your feedback based on our "7 Hallmarks of Effective Feedback" framework.  (~45 mins)


Mock Assignment

If your application is approved, your final step is to complete a mock assignment on our platform. Throughout, you’ll be supported by resources and feedback from our Graider Development team (~90 mins)

How It Works

Complete an online application which includes your academic background, relevant experience, and performance tasks. 

Apply to an open assignment on the Assignment Board.

Grade and provide feedback on the student work using a rubric, prompt and the teacher's grading instructions.

Wait for the teacher to approve your work and provide a rating and review just for you. 

We recommend using a computer (not your phone) to complete your application!


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of work do Graiders do?
Graiders grade assignments that require high-quality, rubric-based scoring and feedback. Most assignments we support are writing assignments for English and Social Studies classes, but we support science, math, psychology, computer science, and many other courses, too. For standard writing assignments, you'll score and provide feedback on each student's strengths and growth areas, as well as share summary thoughts for the teacher on the class' overall strengths and growths.

What is the time commitment?
Graiders should be prepared to dedicate at least 40 hours per month during the school year (Sept-Dec and Feb-May). That equates to grading approximately four assignments per month (the average assignment typically requires three to five hours to grade). However, the number of assignments you complete is ultimately up to you. The more assignments you complete, the higher you will appear in recommendations, and the more experience you gain.

When are applications due?
We evaluate applications every week! You should expect to hear back from us within a week of submitting your Application Activity. 

How am I matched with teachers?
You are invited to apply to assignments on your assignment board, or you may be requested by a teacher. Our recommendations to teachers and selections from the assignment board are based on matching the teacher’s grade level and subject with your grade level and subject of interest. Graiders can improve their rankings with high ratings from teachers, strong track records of experience, and fast response rates.

How will my work be evaluated?
After each assignment you complete, the teacher rates you on four metrics: quality of feedback, quality of scoring, professionalism, and an overall rating. The teacher also provides qualitative feedback and coaching to help you improve.

What interaction will I have with teachers?
We offer a secure, easy-to-use internal messaging system to keep the lines of communication open between teachers and Graiders. There is no in-person interaction, and all the assignments and rubrics are digital and communication occurs through the website. This means that you can work wherever and whenever you like.

What are Graiders paid?
The starting pay rate for Graiders is $10 per final hour of grading. Grading time calculations are based on assignment length, any special teacher requests, and include time to become familiar with the prompt and rubric.

This could be you!

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