How to give effective feedback to teachers and students


Implementing Feedback in Four Lessons

When we were just getting started with understanding feedback—what makes it great, what makes it not so great—the struggle to master the nuances was overwhelming

Now that we’ve spent years working with hundreds of educators and tens of thousands of students, we honed what it means to give feedback to teachers and students that’s actually effective.

We’re ready to share what we’ve learned with you. 

What does this complimentary, four-lesson course include?


Lesson #1: The “What” and the “Why” of Feedback. 
You’ll learn what makes feedback effective (or not), reflect on your own practices, and get up to date on the most important research on feedback. 


Lesson #2: The Secret Key To Giving Great Feedback
Rubrics are perhaps the most underrated tools for giving great feedback. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls of rubrics, design your own standards-aligned rubric step by step, and make a plan for leveraging the key benefits of rubrics. 


Lesson #3: 1 Pervasive Issue to Fix Before You Start
We all have biases of some kind, and if we don’t examine them and learn how to combat them, they end up hurting our students both emotionally and academically. Investigate the studies on bias and learn some strategies for combating bias. 


Lesson #4: Get Students Ready to Learn with Healthy Mindsets
Learn the risks of grade-fixation and how to get students focused on learning. 

How does it work?

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To recap, why should you sign up? 

  • Learn the critical steps to harnessing the power of feedback for student learning gains.

  • Feel confident talking about feedback as an instructional strategy with teachers, parents, and students.

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