Feedback and Data Reports

Here you can explore the various data and feedback reports we provide to students and teachers on all assignments. Scroll down to see sample reports and learn more about each deliverable.

Class Summary Report

High-level performance snapshot for teachers

Individual Student Reports

Detailed scoring and feedback for every student

Inline Comments

A second level of feedback for digital work


#1 Class Summary Report

  • Holistic feedback from your Graider provides quick insights, trends, and objective observations on student performance
  • Detailed data visualization on every rubric component or sub-question informs instruction, lesson planning, and targeted extensions and interventions
  • Download all data into a CSV file. Upload to your LMS, copy scores to the gradebook, or dig deeper into the data to guide instruction and differentiated support

#2 Student Reports

  • Component-level scoring provides granular performance insight for students
  • Feedback is broken down into prioritized areas of strength and growth so students know exactly what they're doing well and where they should focus to further grow and develop as a writer
  • Feedback is goal-oriented, actionable, and student-friendly. It's written to the student and serves as a roadmap for revision, goal-setting, and student-teacher conferences

#3 Inline Comments

  • If your students are typing in Google Docs, you can also request inline comments
  • Inline comments serve as a second layer of feedback and are especially helpful for drafts, guiding students through the writing and revision process
  • Just like the student reports, inline comments follow our highly effective feedback framework
“The individual letters of feedback led to silence in the room while students entered into a moment of introspection while reading the specific and actionable feedback from the Graider.”
— Mr. Damaso, Brophy College Prep

Why is feedback so important? 

We've compiled the body of research for you here: