Become a District Partner

Feedback is a powerful instructional tool for administrators, teachers, and students. We are excited about the opportunity to help you achieve your goals for student growth, data-driven instruction, and teacher capacity and effectiveness. These are the foundations for building strong writers, engaged learners, and highly successful students and teachers.

As with our school partners, district pricing is per enrollment seat and depends on the number of students and required support. As a district partner, you'll benefit from a number of added perks and price discounts.

Typically, we work with district partners in one of two ways:

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On-Demand Teacher Support

Our on-demand grading and feedback support allows districts to build confident, competent, and college-ready writers; fuel fast, effective feedback and data cycles in the classroom; and invest in their #1 resource, teachers. The results? 2x learning growth.

  • Supplemental support to increase writing, revision, and feedback in the classroom
  • Flexible and teacher-driven to meet your instructional goals and student needs

Interim Assessment Support

Grading and feedback support transforms interim assessments and writing benchmarks from a pain point to a powerful instructional tool, helping teachers and administrators better understand, track, and evaluate student performance and growth.

  • Fast, efficient, and highly reliable scoring and feedback on interim assessments
  • We take care of norming, calibration, and scoring so teachers can focus on what they’re best at: improving student outcomes

What’s Included in the Cost?

We pride ourselves on our world-class feedback, detailed data reports, unparalleled service, and commitment to student and teacher success.