The Graide Network Welcomes Graider Recruitment Manager, Faith Le

My name is Faith Le and I’m so excited to be joining The Graide Network team as the new Recruitment and Development Manager. I am taking on this role after seven years in education as a teacher and administrator. I can’t wait to widen my impact to help serve students and teachers all over the nation.


My love for education started at a young age in Ms. Campbell’s 4th grade class. I struggled with writing for most of elementary school and often disengaged if I had to write even a paragraph -- I went so far as leaving for extended periods of time to hide in the bathroom hoping my teacher wouldn’t make me write! Luckily for me, Ms. Campbell never gave up on me and set up one-on-one weekly tutoring with me. This individual attention and consistent feedback gave me a much-needed boost in confidence and pride for my written work. By the end of fourth grade, I even wrote my own book and presented it to the entire class! This was a pivotal time in my life, as it inspired me to spend my life serving others so that they would one day feel as empowered as I did.

I attended the College of William and Mary from my home state of Virginia. Here, I threw myself into many volunteer opportunities, my favorite being a tutoring and mentoring initiative called Project Phoenix. It was through leading this program that I was first exposed to the educational disparities that negatively impact underserved communities. After college, I joined Teach for America in Chicago to help combat the achievement gap.

I started my educational career tasked with being a founding high school science teacher for a K-12 charter school in the Chicago Lawn community called Catalyst Maria. Over seven extremely fulfilling years of teaching and coaching STEAM teachers, I was able to grow in mindset and love for the community I served. As a teacher and administrator, I continually sought opportunities to examine my own biases, expand my knowledge in equitable teaching practices, and develop my colleagues in research-based practices.

As rewarding as my time at Catalyst was, I experienced first-hand the effects that an unforgiving educational system has on teachers. I struggled to give my students the individual attention that I was lucky enough to receive as a child. Grading became less of a learning opportunity and more of a chore for me; stacks of student lab reports and assessments seemed to grow exponentially overnight while trying to manage the day-to-day tasks of teaching. Additionally, as an administrator, I saw teacher burnout as a common issue that led to a revolving door of educators that seemed to be the root cause of all of the school’s problems.

I am most excited about being able to play a part in empowering educators and making teaching a sustainable career.

It was the issue of teacher burnout that led me to The Graide Network. I am most excited about being able to play a part in empowering educators and making teaching a sustainable career. As I start my role here at The Graide Network, I’m reminded everyday of the impact effective feedback had on me as a child, and I hope to provide students everywhere with the care and attention they deserve.

Outside of work, you can see me instagramming from all over the world with my gal pals, hanging out at the dog park with my pup, Bear, and rating chicken nuggets at various Chicago restaurants.