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3 Ways Outside Feedback is Helpful


for Students, Teachers and Parents

While the purpose of The Graide Network is to promote greater connectivity throughout the educational community, the main way we achieve that is thorough, meaningful outside feedback on student work.  This feedback, though aimed at students, has the ability to offer incredible insights for teachers and parents as well. Here are three reasons why feedback from a qualified third party is helpful for students, teachers and parents.

1. Objective

In an ideal world, students and student learning would be judged on their merits. But we are all affected by biases, decision fatigue (ouch!), ego depletion, low glucose levels, etc. Is it possible that just one person can determine a child’s grade? With limited knowledge of the teacher and learners and without wonky political incentives, the feedback provided by our “Graiders” is truly objective.  It’s easy to see how this can be encouraging to all parties.  Students and parents can feel assured that the work is being judged impartially, while teachers can be opened up to potential blind spots in their grading as well as different learning styles or student thought processes.  Many of the teachers from our spring pilot noted that the feedback provided informed their future assignments and instruction.

2. Thorough

At a time when more and more teachers are faced with overcrowded classrooms, the idea of providing thorough feedback for each individual student can be jarring.  Many teachers simply don’t have time to provide as thorough of feedback as they would like on each assignment.  Our Graiders not only have the time to give more comprehensive feedback, but also the desire to lighten teachers’ rapidly growing workloads.  The Graide Network assures teachers, students, and parents that more than adequate time is spent grading each assignment, preventing rushed or overlooked evaluations.

3. Speed

Teachers are frequently delayed in returning papers because of their heavy workloads. Often, by the time students have their work returned to them, they have completely disengaged from the assignment.  In the heat of the school year, students and their parents tend to focus on the next project, while feedback from the last regularly goes overlooked. Response times as close to real-time as possible benefit everyone:  teachers can give more in-depth assignments without worrying about the time they would have to spend grading, students can review their feedback with the assignment still fresh in mind, and parents can ask timely questions on individual assignments.

Graiders, the extra set of eyes that The Graide Network provides, look out for the best educational interests of both educators and learners by providing objective, thorough, and fast feedback.

Have feedback on our thoughts on feedback? Would love to hear it!