Student-Driven Feedback

Personalized feedback is one of the best ways for teachers to meet students right where they are throughout the writing process.

To ensure this best practice is student-driven, students must be able to reflect on their assignments and self-identify areas where they struggled or were confused. This will empower students to take ownership of the feedback they are receiving from their teacher because they specifically asked for it.

One way to do this is to have students complete an “assignment reflection” each time they turn in a draft for a writing assignment. This is a powerful activity for students as well as a useful guide for teachers to review before they assess the student’s progress.

“When I am responding to student drafts I ask students to identify areas in their drafts in which they feel they need assistance. I find that this is helpful both for them and for me,” said Carol Jago, author of ‘Papers, Papers, Papers’. “The cover sheet helps students to assess their own draft’s shortcomings as well as focus my comments back to them.”

You can download a sample reflection sheet here to use with your students today.

To be successful in the 21st century, students must be in the driver seat when it comes to their learning. To be the driver, students must internalize their learning goals and be aware of their progress.  They must learn how to self-reflect on their work and ask their teacher for targeted feedback if they are going to graduate with the ability to solve problems creatively and also communicate their processes, challenges, and findings.

This blog post was written by Becca Lett, the Member Success Manager at The Graide Network.