Meet Our Newest Team Member, Kristy Purdy


My name is Kristy Purdy

I am so excited to join the team at The Graide Network as Assignment Operations Manager!

My name is Kristy Purdy and I am so excited to join the team at The Graide Network as Assignment Operations Manager!

I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and attended The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!). In college I studied Public Health and Allied Medical Sciences, and was convinced that one day I would work in the medical field in some capacity. During the fall of my senior year, my life took a small turn when I decided to apply to Teach For America. I was placed in Chicago as a high school science teacher and moved here the day after I graduated. I have called Chicago home ever since.

During my two years as a Teach for America corps member I taught at two different CPS schools in Rogers Park and Uptown. During those two years I taught Biology, Anatomy, Chemistry, and Physics. Teaching was definitely the hardest thing I had ever done, but I loved working with the students, especially during project or lab days in the science classroom.

I continued teaching beyond my two-year commitment, but moved to Legal Prep Charter Academy, a new school in the West Garfield Park neighborhood. I continued to work at Legal Prep for four and a half years. During this time I took on not only the role of Physics teacher, but also Science Department Head and Teacher Coach.

After my first two years of working at Legal Prep I went to school part-time to earn my Learning Behavior Specialist certification and began teaching Special Education. I then took on the job of Director of Special Education Services, an administrative role that took me out of the classroom for 90% of the school day.

That experience taught me so much about leadership, teaching, and the politics that dictate the public education system in our country. I came become very interested in the systems in place that continue to keep teachers underpaid and overworked, particularly in under-resourced communities.

Because of that, I was determined to contribute to students and teachers beyond the capacity of working in just one school; this led me to The Graide Network. I am thrilled to be a part of The Graide Network, and fully support our mission of supporting teachers in giving students high-quality feedback in order to drive instruction and increase student engagement.

I know first-hand how difficult it is to cater to every student in your classroom at a personal level, but also have seen the effect individualized instruction can have on students. I am excited to be working for a company who also recognizes that impact and contributes to the success of students and teachers throughout the country.

Outside of work you can find me baking cookies, reading novels, and taking barre and cycle classes at The Dailey Method Oak Park.