Graider of the Month: Jane Schlendorf

We are pleased to announce our April Graider of the Month, Jane Schlendorf. Jane is a sophomore at St. Olaf College, pursuing a double major in History and Religion. We interviewed Jane about her college experience and passion for helping students. But first, let’s hear from some of the teachers Jane has worked with:

Jane did an excellent job showing students where they could add complexity and voice to their writing through feedback relating to their transitions. She took care to identify each student’s strengths and growth area.
— Ms. Dugan
Jane provided clear and thorough feedback. As a teacher, I understand exactly where my students are at after reading her feedback.
— Ms. Sims
Wow! You graded very well against the rubric provided. Additionally, the overall feedback for me and the students was accurate and helpful. Even when a student scored 19/20, you included detailed feedback for improvement in order to emphasize growth rather than a final score.
— Ms. Christman

Jane, what do you enjoy most about working as a Graider?

I really enjoy reading the students’ work. I love to hear their thoughts. Often when I read younger students’ writing, they don't yet have a full idea of what they can or cannot write about, so their writing is very innovative and creative. I feel I can take a lot from what they are saying.”

What kind of work do you want to do after you graduate?

I want to do something that betters the community around me. In my high school, we talked about being a global citizen and using your talents for good. Right now, I’m in a mentoring program where we go into schools in Minneapolis and serve as pen pals with the students during the year. I've worked with a lot of students in middle school. They don't necessarily have an older role model in their life who has gone to college, so they don't expect that they are going to get to college. A lack of life examples so they can see themselves succeeding is a big challenge.

If you could change one thing about how classrooms work, what would it be?

The flipped classroom. I don’t know how widely implemented it is yet, but I’ve taken two courses that were “flipped”. Instead of learning a concept and then practicing problems alone at home, students learn the lesson at home and then work through problems in class with the teacher there to help. In my experience, that was more effective.

What is a fun fact about you?

I am on the women’s golf team at St. Olaf, and I have had a hole in one! After I hit the ball off the tee, I turned to my teammate and said, “It would be really funny if that went in.” It did, and we both went crazy. I grew up in a family that golfed a lot, and I finally got into the sport in high school. I hadn't wanted to be “the girl that golfs”, but now I fully embrace it. My favorite thing about golfing is all the good people I meet on the course. I love the companionship in the game, even when I am playing a round with someone I don’t know.

Congratulations, Jane! We’re excited to see your impact on students continue to grow.