The Graide Network Welcomes School Year with New Reporting and Compelling Student Survey Results


38,000 Essays Later, 97% of Students Want More

Chicago, IL, September 1, 2017 – On the heels of scoring 38,000 essays and assessments in 2016-17, the Graide Network is excited to welcome back hundreds of returning and new teachers and Graiders for the 2017-18 school year. The company announced today a new reporting dashboard for teachers to help them gain immediate insight into class and student performance. The reporting features synthesized feedback from Graiders on classwide areas of strength and areas for improvement as well as analytics on rubric-based scoring outcomes. The Graide Network believes that providing this amount of quantitative and qualitative classroom-level, student-specific data will be a game-changer for teachers.

“Our job is to recruit, vet, and provide access to highly qualified assistants who can help support teachers’ critical work,” explains COO Liz Nell. “Now we are pleased to add more value to teachers by making their Graider’s insights readily accessible and illustrated with analytics.” Teachers who have previewed the reporting changes during August professional developments sessions quickly took note of the changes: “New reports!!! I'm looking forward to getting these out to students!”, quipped a returning teacher. The reports also make it easier than ever to share feedback with both students and parents. 

Effective feedback has been shown to dramatically accelerate learner growth — equivalent to eight additional months of in-class time per year. Feedback drives other tangible results, too. It has been found to immediately boost test scores and school culture, resulting in lower failure rates, fewer suspensions, and better attendance.  

“Our mission is to provide powerful educational moments through excellent feedback for all students,” affirms Blair Pircon, CEO of The Graide Network. “One of the most important but time-consuming tasks for teachers is responding to student writing. Our solution eliminates the ago-old tradeoff between timeliness and quality in a cost-effective solution that is win for all stakeholders.” 

The Graide Network is also pleased to release today student survey results from 2016-17 that showed 75% of students said they were motivated either “a great deal” or “quite a bit” to revise their writing as a result of working with a Graider. 73% of students said they better understood their strengths and areas for growth. Most significantly, 97% of students said they would want to continue receiving feedback from Graiders in future courses. Only 3% of students said they did not find their Graider helpful. 

Without my Graider, my writing would not be at the point that it is at now. They provide detailed feedback that is useful, and they also gave me another perspective on my writing.
— Kiana R., a 12th-Grade Student from Los Angeles, CA. 

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The Graide Network is a technology-enabled service provider of feedback and grading to K-12 schools. With an award-winning, innovative model, The Graide Network provides on-demand formative feedback on student work via remote teaching assistants for K-12 teachers. “Graiders” are qualified and vetted aspiring teachers from colleges across the country. Their support unlocks the tremendous power of feedback to improve learning outcomes and puts data and time at educators’ fingertips like never before. Read more about The Graide Network in the news