What Students Have to Say About The Graide Network

It’s no secret: The Graide Network loves feedback. So when we got survey results directly from the high school students at one of our partner schools, Muchin College Prep in Chicago, IL, we couldn’t wait to read what they had to say and share it with you!

The Graide Network partnered with Muchin to deliver feedback on essays, DBQs and practice exams for an AP US History class. In the days following the practice AP exam, students were asked to give candid feedback on their experience. In total, 30 students responded to the survey.

The Results

When asked, “On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend having a Graider to other students?”, 89% responded with an 8, 9, or 10. Additionally, when asked, “Would you want to continue receiving feedback from a Graider in your future courses?” 79% said “Absolutely!” and 21% said “Maybe”. No student responded “No”.


TGN Student Response Recommendation.PNG

Next, the survey asked students to rate a series of statements starting with “Please indicate the degree to which The Graide Network significantly impacted the following in a positive way:” on a scale of “A Great Deal” to “Not at All”. Students responded:

TGN student REsponse Impact Degree.PNG

The high number of “A great deal” and “Quite a bit” responses and the low numbers of “Not at all” and “Very little” responses were great to see. The narrative portions of the survey also shed light on these numbers. For “I tried harder on the assignment”, many students responded “Not at all” because, as one student wrote, “I always try my best” and another admitted, “I actually forgot there was going to be a grader”.

There is too much narrative feedback to share, but here are some of our favorite responses:

“Knowing that I would get great feedback on my assignments pushes me to put my all into those assignments so that I could get accurate feedback on what I really need to focus and work on to be better in the future. “

“I would tell them that my Graider really showcases my strengths, but they are also not afraid to emphasize my weaknesses. Student review is not as helpful as a Graider.”

“Keep up with the good work. You make stressful lives of students a little bit easier to bear.”

And the most meaningful comment of all:

“Hey, you're pretty cool.”

Now that’s high praise from a high school junior. We think you’re cool, too!


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