Annoucing a New Partnership with

The Graide Network wants to offer teachers an alternative way to purchase the membership hours they need to support their students! is a crowdfunding platform for public education that connects citizen and corporate donors to public school classrooms throughout the country. The Graide Network is offering membership hours funded through at a discounted rate.

Have a account?

To get started, go to your account, create a new Special Request project and follow the steps to create your project. You’ll need a price quote from The Graide Network to create your projects. Reach out to us at

New to is excited to support public school teachers across the country! You can confirm your school eligibility and set up an account to get started on a project for your classroom right now!

We encourage teachers to complete the project creation and fulfillment experience at least twice before creating a Special Request project. Once you have become a pro at creating projects for your classroom, you’ll be ready to create your special request project for The Graide Network membership hours. If you have questions about your account, check out their Help Center or reach the team at

Creating Your Project

  • What is your vision for providing students feedback on their writing this year?

  • How will The Graide Network increase the amount of feedback your students receive?

  • What will you do with the time you save grading?

  • Why do you believe this is the best tool for your students?

  • If you have used The Graide Network before, provide examples of how The Graide Network increased student engagement and performance.  

  • The Guide to Creating Stellar Projects

  • Tips for Success