Graider of the Month: Kellie Lounds


November Edition

We are pleased to honor Kellie Lounds as our November Graider of the Month. Kellie is currently a freshman at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!), and is a pre-admit to the education school. She hopes to teach history one day. Through her work with The Graide Network, Kellie completed more than 30 hours of evaluating student work in history and English. From the start, Kellie has been an excellent communicator and her passion for helping students really shows through her feedback.

While some make the decision to follow the path to teaching during college, or even after, Kellie has known she wanted to teach history for a while. As she was investigating which colleges she might want to attend, she realized how much support she had around her. She was acutely appreciative of the teachers who had made such a great impact on her life and she wanted to do the same for others.

When we asked her why she is excited to teach history specifically, Kellie told us: “I care more about why things happen and the effects that they have, versus how they happen or the mechanics.” Like many history lovers, she is drawn to understanding the intricate nature of why things have happened in the past and how those events impact the future.

While her short term goals focus on making an impact in the classroom, Kellie is also very interested in education policy. She can imagine herself going on to graduate school one day and working in reform. Like her desire to teach, her desire to work in policy stems from the same aspiration to help kids. She wants to play a role in changing the way the system works to benefit more people.

We know teaching is a hard job (to say the least), so we asked Kellie what scares her about becoming a teacher. She is nervous that she may become very emotionally involved and that her care for her students will make it difficult for her to be tough on her students when needed.

When asked why she participates in the Graide Network, Kellie said development was a big factor. “I just think that grading is an important part of being a teacher but it doesn’t seem like something that Ed schools focus on. I think that’s going be really helpful later.”

She also mentioned that she loved getting comments back from the teacher. “It’s nice to get the reinforcement that you are really making a difference.”

Since she is just a freshman, we can’t wait to watch Kellie continue to develop and help more students and teachers as part of The Graide Network over the next three years. Kellie looks forward to taking more classes through which she can really learn how to teach and design a curriculum. She is excited to better understand how kids learn and the best way to teach them!