It's Finals Week!


It has been an exciting quarter for The Graide Network. We are about to cap off a successful thirteen-week pilot with 34 assignments graded, or ~180 hours, with positive feedback all around. Most importantly, our gallant pilot participants--both teachers and Graiders--provided wildly helpful input. We ♥ feedback (obviously!) and are already putting our users' feedback to good use. We are making a series of upgrades to the platform over winter break and will launch a bigger and better pilot in January. As the entrepreneur, I tend to think The Graide Network is not only amazing but quite intuitive to use. "Au contraire", said users (predictably). I learned A LOT from the pilot about effective onboarding techniques,  user friendly design, and how to better anticipate process challenges. Fortunately, the patience of our gracious teachers and Graiders got us through these learning opportunities.

Oh, and we are launching a new (temporary) blog, too! Currently, every last minute of our developers' time is dedicated to the new platform. So until they have the time to build a custom blog, you just get me. On Wordpress. Enjoy!


Blair Pircon is the founder and CEO of The Graide Network, a new platform to support some of the most influential people out there—middle and high school teachers. She enjoys learning about launching and growing businesses, K-12 education, education technology, and how schools attract, retain and develop great teachers.