Are you getting the most out of your writing benchmarks?


Become a District Partner and Transform Assessments into a
Powerful Instructional Tool

  • Improve instructional planning and goal setting.

  • Provide professional learning for teachers

  • Understand, track, and evaluate student performance and growth:


Benefits for All Stakeholders

Grading and feedback support transforms interim assessments and writing benchmarks from a pain point to a powerful instructional tool. Districts can offer more opportunities for students to engage in meaningful writing, more time for teachers to respond with specific, actionable feedback, and have access to better data to know how students’ writing skills are progressing during the year.


Boost Student Confidence

  • More opportunities for writing and meaningful revision

  • Engage and motivate students with fast, actionable, and ongoing feedback


Invest in your teachers

  • More time and energy for high-impact instructional work and 1:1 support
  • We take care of norming, calibration, and scoring so teachers can focus on what they’re best at: improving student outcomes

Detailed data for Administrators

  • Fast, efficient, and highly reliable scoring and feedback on interim assessments
  • Support in-depth data analysis at the class and student level and data-driven instruction
Using the Graide Network report has allowed for more clear, direct conversations with my students - plus, they’re more motivated to revise their work. We can create goals and action plans together and be accountable for progress.
— Mr. Kadri


Empower your schools and teachers with the time and data to build competent, confident writers.


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