Feedback is one of the most powerful instructional tools at your disposal. Let's get your students more of it!


We connect K-12 schools with qualified teaching assistants to grade and provide feedback on student work online. 

Effective Feedback

Goal-oriented, descriptive, actionable, digestible, timely feedback on student writing across the curriculum

Accurate Scoring

Fast, normed, complete and affordable scoring of formative open-ended and extended response assessments


Professional Learning

Build feedback, rubrics and data expertise, high-fidelity program implementation


Schools work with The Graide Network in order to achieve their strategic priorities for students and teachers. 


Improve student learning
with consistent, timely feedback


Support teacher capacity


Actionable Data on Formative Assignments


See what they're saying

Christine S.

"I was incredibly impressed by their work….  I received individual feedback that I could give to each student, as well as a summary of strength and weakness."
- Christine S.
8th Grade English | Denver, CO

Tim Adams.jpg

"In a classroom where urgency to build college-ready skills is as high as ours, the platform has proven to be invaluable. This increase in feedback has allowed me to hone in on specific issues within their writing and correct it with expediency."
- Tim A.
High School History | Chicago, IL

Sarah S.

"The Graide Network has been a great resource for our staff.  It provides a valuable maximization of teacher time while still ensuring students get valuable feedback."

-Sarah S.
Principal, Perspectives Leadership Academy | Chicago, IL



Teachers post detailed information about their assignment, including context about the class, grading instructions, due date, and the rubric. 

Teachers are matched with the best Graider for them and their course. Detailed Graider profiles include ratings, experience, relevant coursework, and more.

Teachers upload student work, which their Graider grades and returns with detailed individual and class feedback reports.

Teachers review the work, download the grades for their gradebooks and return the feedback reports to students. Lastly, teachers rate and review the Graiders. 


Graiders are undergraduate and graduate students who are aspiring teachers and are enrolled in or preparing to enroll in top education programs, a.k.a pre-service teachers. In short order, they will be your colleagues!


Graiders are vetted through a rigorous application and interview process. We evaluate relevant experience and coursework, academic performance, and proficiency in providing effective feedback. We look for a demonstrated commitment to teaching. 

What Type of Feedback?

Graiders provide personalized feedback to students that is descriptive, actionable, and goal-oriented feedback. Read more about our standard framework, "The 7 Hallmarks of Effective Feedback".

teacher student.jpg

Timely, formative feedback from trained readers - now possible on-demand.