Make assessments meaningful.

The Graide Network supports schools and districts of all size on a wide range of large-scale grading and feedback projects. Here are some of the ways schools are leveraging The Graide Network to achieve their strategic priorities:


Interim Assessments and Test Prep


We work with schools and districts to score K-12 interim assessments. These assessments are increasingly emphasizing extended writing, open-ended response, and critical thinking skills, which our Graiders are uniquely qualified to evaluate. Graiders interpret and apply complex, standards-based rubrics and evaluate a student's entire work process. This is a welcome departure from the typical practice of bubble sheets and scantrons. Teachers and school leaders value quick and detailed performance data and real-time insight into student progress. They're better equipped to drive critical decisions around curriculum, instruction, and key performance targets and objectives.

Case Study:  With fast, affordable and high-quality grading support from The Graide Network, ReGeneration Schools - an innovative charter network on Chicago’s South Side - empowered teachers, fostered data-driven instruction “2.0”, and accelerated student learning. See the results!


Research Projects and Thesis Papers

Graiders who specialize in effective feedback on writing make for terrific "advisors", remotely coaching students through challenging research projects and thesis papers. Students receive meaningful feedback in a timely manner from their Graider throughout the development of their work. It's a unique way to bring an outside perspective and an authentic external reader to the student writing and research process. The personalized guidance and support of a Graider boosts motivation and follow-through (which is especially helpful at the end of a long project!). Plus, faculty advisors have more time to focus on in-person mentorship and student engagement, without feeling over-extended or overwhelmed by the amount of reading and feedback required. It's a win-win!

Case Study: The Graide Network is supporting a Los Angeles charter school with their Senior Thesis Project this spring. The Senior Thesis is an ambitious, semester-long effort whereby each senior will produce a "reflective and proactive piece of writing that is firmly grounded in research and has been through the duration of the writing process." Graiders serve as thesis advisers, reviewing and providing feedback on chapter submissions throughout the year as well as on the rough draft. Personalized coaching and feedback will help students tackle this challenging and important project.


Programmatic Partner


The Graide Network serves as a valuable programmatic partner for  a wide-range of school, district and network-wide initiatives. We support grant-funded research around literacy, STEM, and college and career readiness. Our large network of highly qualified Graiders is on hand to provide on-demand, remote support for any large-scale grading or feedback project.

Case Study: The Graide Network is partnering with one of the country’s largest public school districts as they roll-out a new computer science curriculum to over 6,000 9th grade students. The program is designed to develop students’ computational and critical thinking skills and better prepare them for the 21st century, regardless of their ultimate field of study or occupation. The Graide Network is providing grading support on district-wide benchmark exams for the 2016/17 school year. Capturing the results of these pre- and post-tests is critical. It will allow the district to assess the quality of the curriculum, instruction, and teacher training, as well as measure the effects of computer science education on student performance across the curriculum. Our nation's schools face a shortage of qualified STEM teachers. As a result, ambitious projects like this often fail to materialize. We are proud to provide the extra support needed to ensure the success and future growth of computer science instruction.

“Simply put, grading support is the fastest and most efficient way to get critical data into the hands of our teachers. It ensures every response is given normed, detailed consideration, and it allows our teachers to focus on what they’re best at: improving student outcomes.”
— Luke Brewers, ReGeneration Schools, Chicago IL