Programmatic Partner

The Graide Network serves as a valuable programmatic partner for  a wide-range of school, district and network-wide initiatives. We support grant-funded research around literacy, STEM, and college and career readiness. Our large network of highly qualified Graiders is on hand to provide on-demand, remote support for any large-scale grading or feedback project.

Success Story: The Graide Network is partnering with Chicago Public Schools, one of the country’s largest public school districts, as they roll-out a new computer science curriculum to over 6,000 high school students. The program is designed to develop students’ computational and critical thinking skills and better prepare them for the 21st century, regardless of their ultimate field of study or occupation. The Graide Network is providing grading support on district-wide benchmark exams for the 2016/17 school year. Capturing the results of these pre- and post-tests is critical. It will allow the district to assess the quality of computer science curriculum and instruction and measure the effects of computer science education on student performance across the curriculum. Many schools across the country face a shortage of qualified STEM teachers. As a result, ambitious projects like this fail to materialize. The Graide Network is proud to provide the extra support needed to ensure the success and future growth of computer science instruction.